Blossoming Spring

Under the ceiling of creamy waterfallsmiling, relaxed,lie pebbles, retired leavesNew pink flowers, in its adolescenceFloat in the expanded sky Rebooting itself is natureAs greenery is wild, in kindergartenIn company of alive lotusSwimming are peaceful ducksQuack Quack March is scarcely hereWith the promise of meeting at horizonDancing are solitary hillsWith clashing Clouds In a Celebration ofContinue reading “Blossoming Spring”

We gotta run

Longing for the wild flowerYou fell, jumped and bouncedInto land of dreams,Out of mist of realities You lie flat nowIs it too late to wake up ?Or night is still longand day has lost its way I can hear wind murmuringAre you my dreams, listening too ?Is it game over with no resultsYou thought, youContinue reading “We gotta run”

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