Turbid Tides

Calm through agesFollowing the hints of balmy MoonInto Peaceful eyes of massesIt breathes the drain of livings Reach has got shorterShrinking to CentreSo much emptiness surrounding itDo the chirpy masses noticeIt tells a story It’s a beauty stillHolding the shore of eyesRaising a sense of lifea torch for the soul still Does apathy of massesContinue reading “Turbid Tides”

I am a fool, of Words

Hollow horses of words storming fastBouncing amidst brain and heartEmotions appealingĀ  the skiesIn the realm of Chirpy heartBrain, just an outcast. Rain of PromisesIn the charm of paper boatsIs it a glittering rainbowOr just a mirage and a crossbow. Flamboyant is journey of wordsDrugged by dancing dreamsNumb lies brain to keep up or give upWhere’sContinue reading “I am a fool, of Words”

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