Inexpressible Pain of a String

Everything,once alive, now hinges with the string
A room completely dark and empty
Spider webs around the walls,
Window has taken enough brunt of agony,
Even air finds it fluid for its inspiring passage to keep the string thirsty for life..

Walls of faith are shivering,
Candles of patience have started melting,
Air can help string move, but can’t make it narrate what has kept it waiting for the door to open..
May be throat of the string is full of chars, created by darkness, dwelling with it for years now..
But thanks to ceiling fan, the string is still attached..

Building is abandoned they say since a soul strangled itself to freedom
Soul is free yes indeed, you can always see dead skin floating around the window scratching the darkness..
No one comes by, they are afraid of a free soul..
But string is still attached, waiting for door knob to rotate with an invitation for another soul to get free…

Ohh yes, string is still alive..

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