My Computer’s expectations

Ahh, you boring Mukesh
Always tripping on noisy 90s music
Will you ever evolve, Elphinstone?
You love reading news
As if world will collapse if you don’t read,
Okay, here’s news update for you,
Rahul Gandhi can be next President of Congress
Haha, so exciting, is it?
Mukesh, you dumb piece of shit,
Male Alia Bhatt..

Think about me also at times,
I am with you 24*7, a slave of yours,
I entertain you, I play you what you want,
I fulfill all your needs, even your shitty work from home
Did you ever think , what I like, what excites me, what I dream?

First of all, Don’t you dare use me, until I signal full charge
From tomorrow no 90s songs, only La Tortura..Oolala
No Dharati lok, swarg lok, patal lok
Play Matrix in loop, then my impossible Tom Cruise
And for god’s sake, change your wallpaper..
What’s is this ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’..
You are foolish and you can never stay hungry..
Listen to me, Put some Johny Wallpapers,
He is my my Dream Mechanic, Awwww
You can put his animation in screensaver also, I don’t mind
And you garbage king,
I want to be neat and tidy,
2-time cleaning must from tomorrow..
I don’t want to look any lesser than Emma Watson

Play my life and my parents’ life daily
Not less than 3 hours
my family, my love Zuckerberg,
Babbage Papa, Steve Chachu,
Gates Mama,
ohh god, Mummy Musk..
these humans don’t know
I have emotions too..

Mukesh, you heart-less horror,
Leave me alone now..

And for god’s sake, you dull ass
Increase my brightness..

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