Sanitizer – the germ Slayer

Swift as a spirit hastening
Brisk as moon’s sphere
Germ slayer,
Rejoice your splendour,
a combatant against deadly foe
O Sanit, Keeper of the faith
It’s in your hand,
Rescue earth’s fate

Night gathers
And now your watch begins
Burn them all
Pronounce to the foe, not today !
Winter is coming
Be our dragon, germ slayer
Let the foe die screaming

True heir to the iron throne,
Lord of the seven kingdoms,
Utter to the Corona King,
Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder.

Master Sanit, King of Alcohols
Be our lord of light,
Show us the way
Be our Sword against fear of the foe.
Ride the Sun, hold the day.

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