Inexpressible Pain of a String-Part 2

Emotions lay dimensions to String’s life,
Expands limitlessly to keep it occupied
In large ocean of Pain and Joy
Myopic it gets at times
Keeping it submerged with what it feels important in life
Fellow walkie talkie( humans) ,
Old classic Sun glassess, new yellow Lamborghini,
or a self-image of it, sweet as Silky Dairy

But String seeks love for all,
Seeks Joy for whole wider world
Strives to help everyone
But Alas, Important attachments, clouds in the Sky
String can’t see beyond
String is entangled, String is attached

Only way left, close it’s eyes
Visualize what eyes can’t show
String doesn’t want to melt with a crying walkie talkie, it wants to stand firm and support
Walk with everyone in pain unconditionally,
not thinking about similarity of genes, thoughts, or feelings,
String doesn’t want to expect,
sees them as wastage of time and energy

Ultimately, when a String is more happy, attached or detached ?

Eyes are opening again at Peace now..
Seems String has now seen light of the day,
Window is shining bright now..
Door has opened, with fresh fragrance of air
String is feeling freedom. Is it detached?

From being a bulb in a room to a moon of the Earth.

Ohh yes, String is more alive now..

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