Rope, Bucket, Pulley

Under the tree of serenity
With green flora as it’s neighbour
Tranquility was loud
Pulley gyrated
Thirsty Pitcher looked in hope
As energy flowed downwards with the rope

Ripples everywhere as bucket hit napping water,
Pristine above resting turbidity
Did you notice the music ?
As bucket drenched in love
With Rope still wondering
Why always this bucket, why not me?
Am I only to be vehicle
To quench Buckets’ thrust.

Air was swaying
As were leaves floating on rippled water
Though little down to earth wrt their past
Were tickling sky on water,
dancing with fragrant tripping air

Pitcher was still droughty
As bucket eloped in love..
Medium was a man,
A wall between rope and soft water,

Bucket was full now,
But had lost its world.
Pulley was back pedalling
As bucket gained new heights and surface

Pots and pitchers get their share of water
As satiated eyes left, buzzing about Corona

Dogfight of rope and bucket is still on
Hey Bucket, its mine what you are getting, rope claims
As bucket drowns again in music of pulley with serenity of water..

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