No Music Please, I want to Dance

Stop the music
Watch my legs,
Love my shake of head
I have closed my eyes
Don’t care even if you are not watching
Today, I will dance
I will dance on my own tunes

For my inner is bursting with energy
My sassy lungs are doing hip hop
Hearts have got their drum beats ready
My cleaner Kidney is making some funny noises too
Check my ribs, Ohoo, wowww..
Hey hey you stomach
What ? are you competing with Baba Ramdev?

See, I don’t need music
My organs are bouncing
And legs can’t hold back
But dance on its own ego

Crazzyyyyyy hypothalamus
Yo, my own DJ

Eyes are closed in ecstasy
I am lost
I am lost inside

I don’t care if you are watching
I’m dancing on my own tunes, inner tunes
Can you hear the music of my dance..?
Olala Olala….

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