I love Gossips

I don’t know what to write
But I want to write something.
I want to write about present.
Okay so, what am I doing now?
Writing something,
But wait what am I writing ?
Ohh, I am writing something
Even when I am saying I am not writing something.

Time is on its way ticking ticking.
So, do we still do something when we are not doing anything?
So, We are not doing anything is just a relative perception?
Reality is different.
Why we people always ride on perception,
Is reality that tough to face?

But wait, isn’t perception also a real feeling.
C’mon now I am confused,
Can someone please tell me difference between perception and reality.
I know you don’t bother knowing that,
As you already have easy gossips hanging around,
You need to talk rubbish about others,
You need to bombard yourself with negativity,
and that seems very normal to you..
Very real to you.

But is it real or just your perception ?

How can you be more unjust to yourself
Than always talking about others.
Are you perfect ?
Would you like yourself to be abused behind your back ?
Then, why do you enjoy doing it yourself.
Ohh, c’mon what am I writing
I didn’t intend to write this at all.
But what to do, time has recorded my actions now,
and that’s real
Or wait what I consider real,
Is also just another perception of mine.

Ohh God, I am going crazzyyyyyy..
Leave bro leave..
Lets settle with low hanging gossips..

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