Take my eyes, hold the day

Time is getting tough
So are you
Don’t heed to the clutter of your mind
Read into clarity across the curtains

No one can reject you
No one can make you feel dejected
Someone not liking you,
Is not your problem

There is nothing as wrong or right
Different colours of lenses, different views
Accept this moment as it is.
Loosen yourself in this moment
As you feel wind massaging your eyes

Forget about few puppets,
whole universe, whole nature
wants to see you moving with tide of time
See, the trees still hopeful on you
Oh there, you see wings flattering
those birds still singing for you
they will do anything to be with you

Millions of antibodies,
With your heart, lungs, still proliferating
Relax your mind, leave it loose
Let the thoughts come and go
You shall flow with the fragrance of wind

Feel the oceans by your side
Rivers crawling through your fingers
Rains from the sky, first rain of season
Now flowing through your wet hairs
Rosy lily Jasmin still smiling for you
dying to make you feel great again

Hold my hand, walk with me
Don’t want to talk
Let’s walk in silence
Look into my eyes
Hold the day.

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