A Red flower in a stormy Ocean

It was a stormy day
Tides taking shape of hurricanes
Clouds roaring
Sky trembling in fear
As Rain was loud

Frightening were those lightening
Ocean was full of vigour
Ready to accept or destroy
Anything crossing its way

Weather reports flashing on TV screens,
Viewers, this is biggest calamity of our times
Forgiven for covid, Is Mr. Chief Minister still sleeping?

Fear gripping into veins of Mumbaikars
Oh, how we will go to office tomorrow?
Floating was Dharavi in its own chars
Buses, Autos were trying their level BEST
But still not able to sail

Destruction was rolling
As eyes were standstill
Ears got jolted in silence
As roar of clouds dominated again

With everything boiling around
Noisy sky, demonizing lightening
Raging rain, dancing ocean
Burning lightening, roaring deary clouds

Eyes caught a red flower floating
Very much in the mid of the ocean.
Calm as ever, carrying with itself fragrance of universe

Couldn’t wait,
But ask, hey, aren’t you afraid
With so much destruction around,
Aren’t you anxious, your life will end too ?

Flower smiled back
But didn’t say anything
Spreading its fragrance
Floating its way in ultimate serenity.

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