Lonely but Sweet, My Office formals

Fuming in loneliness
Angry eyes staring
though dying for attention
Ranting loudly were my office formals

We were together, always together,
Be it rain or scathing humidity
We were always with you
Hiding your sweat of stress
We protected you
We made you look good,

‘It’s been months I didn’t meet my blue lower half’
My shy white shirt quibbled slowly,
And where have you kidnapped ‘Shoes’ Bhaiya
He was the one taking your huge burden
And now it’s months you haven’t crossed his eyes
Selfish Mukesh,
At least, let us meet washing machine uncle, no.

This covid has separated us
From our families too
Can you ask Modiji
To arrange a ticket for us also
I want to see my Bihari press wale bhaiya

Huh, why will you listen to us
You don’t need us now
But remember, every shirt has its day

WFH might have rendered us irrelevant
But we will have our say, as we love you
We know wait is longer, times will be hard
But we will wait

We will wait to be with you again
Walking with you again
Shirt, pant, matching shoes in legs
Racing with time in hand watch,
We will rhyme again.

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