Silence of the Spring

Shed is the leaf, once dearest
Smiling at the apex once,
Lies it now at roots, silently
Flowing with slow wind of gasping time

Helpless is the tree,
Can’t bend, it will break
For it is still alive and shoulder
to hopes of new rays

An endless rain of inaudible moan
groans the tree for its dearest leaf
Promise of togetherness for forever
Was it a lie, the leaf faked
Whines the tree, as silence replies

Indeed it’s fault of the tree
It’s in the nature of the leaf
to smile, laugh, promise
and depart with the race of spring

New leaves of hopes,new seeds of fruits
Smiling men contemplating gains

The tree stands tall with tight lips
As it awaits another spring
in the memory of its dearest leaf..

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