Bird and The Mountain

I can’t fly, and you can’t stay
I am older than time
You, fresh flower in the blue sky
I am companion of clouds
You, flight of the rain

Mountain overthinks
As the day has set in
And bird needs to fly

A night of togetherness
A night of dreams
Shared warmth of cold wind
For years of standing alone
Mountain had found the friend in Bird

Day has set in, bird needs to fly
To its nest in deep forest
To its flying friends and family

Alas, mountain can’t share the wings
For its too heavy for bird to carry

Don’t count it as my ego
Some dreams are meant to be just in eyes
For one night of our warmth
Is enough to keep me standing tall

Clouds are marching to envelope me
It may rain
Day has set in, you must fly, my friend
Mountain whispers slowly in bird’s ears
As they hug to part their ways.

For keeping memory of the night
Both must survive their days.

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