Tea vs Corona – A Promise Of Warmth

Whats all going on in the world
Faces are growing cold
They say Earth is suffering
Something invisible, strangling souls.

Wind is dancing on an unheard music
Cries blasting the sky
Richness of wisdom not holding power anymore
Is the faith in all mighty still intact?

Is it just another game we are playing,
just another theatre of life
where characters are falling apart
But show must go on ?

They say there is poison in the air
Its getting into heart and blood too
Pateint minds are getting crazy
Locked inside doors

Whats all going on in the world,
While I am still hot to keep you warm
I understand your nerves are going cold
And I cant say on which side future lies

But I shall remain on your side
Come, find solace in me
For I am still alive
And will keep you warm whole my life.

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