Wink or Blink

A beauty from far world
Smile lurking beneath lips
Eyes looked caring
Orchid face, glowing as Venus

It’s still day, am i dreaming again ?
Holding the thrill of silence
My eyes were turbulent,
in anticipation of the melody.

Mouth brimming of emotions
But lips not cooperating
Eyes jumping, bouncing in between
to narrate own story
of bewilderment and affection.

Mind,full of Perplexion
Thoughts eroding senses
A battle of feelings, i reckon
Eyes and lips muscling
Who will have first say.

Unaware of whats happening within
Eyes seem startled
Oh, Heaven
A signal from eyes, those alluring eyes,
A wink !!
Hearts flying in the sky
as Villain brain pops slowly,
A wink, lol.
Was it not just a blink?

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