My little head

Life is a festival
A party which is always high
Hey, you, tightly hugging, my lips
Can you give some space
Some space to my teeth please
They also want to kiss the air.

Feet into the ground,
Eyes in the sky,
Where are you my head ?
I don’t understand
Why are you always lost?

I understand you like to wander
Into my lovely past, and charming future
But just for Courtesy
Do you mind being with me
In my present also ?

Yeah, yeah, I know you
You Stubborn piece of Shit,
You are too egoistic,
To listen what I say.

But let me help you
With your ignorance,
I know, you think you are Modi,
And I am India.
Guess what you are wrong
I am not some Shah, Goswami either
Not even Ambani or Twitter
And you are not any better
Than some famous Gandhi
You may think,
You are a born ruler of my body
But no, lets clear some air
You are just my filthy little head,
And you know nothing, Jon Snow.

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