We gotta run

Longing for the wild flower
You fell, jumped and bounced
Into land of dreams,
Out of mist of realities

You lie flat now
Is it too late to wake up ?
Or night is still long
and day has lost its way

I can hear wind murmuring
Are you my dreams, listening too ?
Is it game over with no results
You thought, you gonna play for life ?

Did your optimisim lose
Against pessimism of reality
Or you were just a bubble
Waiting for first ray
to burst you in pieces.

Okay, don’t you cry now
It happens, It’s life
Hope is a flickering candle
And we will keep it burning

I still believe in you
Be with me, stay alive.
We will create our own Moon, Sun
Life is a race, buddy
And we gotta run !

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