Angry Swami Meditates

Mr. PM, It’s 8 already, where are you?
Nations wants to know
it’s season of mangoes again,
If mangoes are already ‘Atma-nirbhar’
Or you still need to ‘Choos’ them ?
India defeated Corona,
In the light of your aura
Corona ki ‘thali baj hi gyi’
Our bank accounts are overflowing
20 lac crores, Mr. Patra
You must be counting zeroes still..
‘India dining Rupaiya in dinner today’
Ohh Mr. Roswami, why shouting again ?
You said you were listening india today !!
Migrant workers are on road
Just to appreciate you, Mr. PM
Their stomach are now Atma-Nirbhar
They need not work now
in daily improving labour laws
‘They are all congress Workers’
Aahh, Mr. Roswami, Calm down
No one is hurting your god.
‘There is a conspiracy, viewers, it was in 1947, When Mr. Kehru inducted corona
And now, Mota bros have killed it.
Waah Godi Ji, Waah’
Re-Private Tv tweets.
As Mr. Roswami meditates for yoga day.

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