Race of Inequality

Why most pockets are emptyAnd few are overflowingWhy most stomachs are starvingAnd few are gorgingWhy most live dyingAnd few really alive and kicking New technology, New glamourNew fashion, New lifestylePizza, Burgers, Pastasthrong the very same street,Where few torn lie hungrily New Schools, New dreams of educationInternational schools, Hobby classesOverall development of fewBut no development ofContinue reading “Race of Inequality”

An invisible Cloak of life

It flows, it blowsIt’s into everyone’s veins and bloodTouch of significance, nudge of ticklingNever Partial as in rich and poora bridge of ecosystem Oceans are nothing but its slavesRuthless to trees, dance or root-lessA way-finder to cloudsA fragrance of tranquility Is it the omnipresent god, we talk about?With its eyes, ears every whereSoulfully existing inContinue reading “An invisible Cloak of life”

No Music Please, I want to Dance

Stop the musicWatch my legs,Love my shake of headI have closed my eyesDon’t care even if you are not watchingToday, I will danceI will dance on my own tunes For my inner is bursting with energyMy sassy lungs are doing hip hopHearts have got their drum beats readyMy cleaner Kidney is making some funny noisesContinue reading “No Music Please, I want to Dance”

Taste of Rainbow

Oh, you maestero of tintsAs sky sheds it’s weightEcstasy of rain enriches mother earthSeeds are sown for new cloudsYou shimmer As children discuss their rain danceFarmhands fantasize the bumper cropWith everything cleansedDust sleeping silently with its motherYou twirl Trees are viridescentHorizon getting balmy, tooLotus still carries some pearls of you,Ponds of forests are brimfulUnder theContinue reading “Taste of Rainbow”