Mumbai VS Corona

I heard the birds are singing louderTrees are dancing to the tune of fresh airDogs are also spiritually silent but amusedFishes are bouncing around with relaxed gillsPeacocks have their feathers well spread, playing Shakira Shakira Heartbeats of Bombay road is so very audible..Molestation by horny horns have also stopped..Ohh, these traffic lights are also atContinue reading “Mumbai VS Corona”

Inexpressible Pain of a String

Everything,once alive, now hinges with the stringA room completely dark and emptySpider webs around the walls,Window has taken enough brunt of agony,Even air finds it fluid for its inspiring passage to keep the string thirsty for life.. Walls of faith are shivering,Candles of patience have started melting,Air can help string move, but can’t make itContinue reading “Inexpressible Pain of a String”

Noise of Silence

A rage of angerA cage of emotions, Exploding inexpressible dance of dramaOscillating between mind and heart, Cyclone beneath calmness of oceanVolcano hidden in stillness of mountain A melody of vacuumA blaze of darkness Warmth of Sun, tranquility of moonNothing breaks itNothing permeates it Inaudible story of noisy silence !!!

Angry Swami

Mr. PM, It’s 8 already, where are you?Nations wants to knowit’s season of mangoes again,If mangoes are already ‘Atma-nirbhar’Or you still need to ‘Choos’ them ?India defeated Corona,In the light of your auraCorona ki ‘thali baj hi gyi’Our bank accounts are overflowing20 lac crores, Mr. PatraYou must be counting zeroes still..‘India dining Rupaiya in dinnerContinue reading “Angry Swami”