Blossoming Spring

Under the ceiling of creamy waterfall
smiling, relaxed,
lie pebbles, retired leaves
New pink flowers, in its adolescence
Float in the expanded sky

Rebooting itself is nature
As greenery is wild, in kindergarten
In company of alive lotus
Swimming are peaceful ducks
Quack Quack

March is scarcely here
With the promise of meeting at horizon
Dancing are solitary hills
With clashing Clouds

In a Celebration of youthful flora
Photons battling through needs
Revitalizes fragrant soil

Enlarged, elevated human souls
Awakens in ecstasy, Symbiotic
With the blossoming Spring

We gotta run

Longing for the wild flower
You fell, jumped and bounced
Into land of dreams,
Out of mist of realities

You lie flat now
Is it too late to wake up ?
Or night is still long
and day has lost its way

I can hear wind murmuring
Are you my dreams, listening too ?
Is it game over with no results
You thought, you gonna play for life ?

Did your optimisim lose
Against pessimism of reality
Or you were just a bubble
Waiting for first ray
to burst you in pieces.

Okay, don’t you cry now
It happens, It’s life
Hope is a flickering candle
And we will keep it burning

I still believe in you
Be with me, stay alive.
We will create our own Moon, Sun
Life is a race, buddy
And we gotta run !

Odds will be even

It’s a game we are playing
Time is the only true Judge
Limited are range of brains and eyes
Be it mine or yours

Bound by retrospective thoughts
Searching our images
In others’ eyes
Life may look gruesome

Life has its own knots
Way to live is keep fighting
Doing what needs to be done
Today, may be odds are against
There will be a day, and
Odds will be even.

Turbid Tides

Calm through ages
Following the hints of balmy Moon
Into Peaceful eyes of masses
It breathes the drain of livings

Reach has got shorter
Shrinking to Centre
So much emptiness surrounding it
Do the chirpy masses notice
It tells a story

It’s a beauty still
Holding the shore of eyes
Raising a sense of life
a torch for the soul still

Does apathy of masses matter ?
It’s magnanimity of soaking turmoil
Into its serene tides still expands
Though its inner has got Turbid.
It holds the dam’s tranquility still.

I am a fool, of Words

Hollow horses of words storming fast
Bouncing amidst brain and heart
Emotions appealing  the skies
In the realm of Chirpy heart
Brain, just an outcast.

Rain of Promises
In the charm of paper boats
Is it a glittering rainbow
Or just a mirage and a crossbow.

Flamboyant is journey of words
Drugged by dancing dreams
Numb lies brain to keep up or give up
Where’s freedom to choose
As nights of lights cruise

Against the walls of future
Is Present succumbing
To rush of failed past
Running away shied of aghast

Do rains of winter hold
The seeds to germinate
Or is it just worth a dream
Awaiting death to a morning beam.

My Eyesight

A wanderer of untravelled wild
I know no colours
I hold no value

Lost in the beauty of canopies
I know no might
I know no way

For I am rambler of the forest
Nothing more pleases my eyes
Nothing more soothes my souls
Nothing more I seek

Within hint of your smile
Lies my world of dreams
Within stillness of your eyes
Races my beats of heart

First ray of the day
You are a serene breeze
A ladder from chaos to lucidity

Gone seems the storm of the night
Nothing more for me to fight
Nothing I could get more right
I have you, my Eyesight !!

Far From Over

Into the richness of breeze
I can listen my stories
whispered to every ear
stories of my success
essays of my failure

How near could i get
to gist of life
how far i remain
from dirt of world

Tales of my steps
Beginning of my world
Travelogue of my journey
Stories of my companions
Stories i heard and never told

Have i been playing well
this game of livings
whats count of laughs
against rip up of tears

Do i hold any promise to future

How far will I go
travelling in paths of wilderness
Will I reach my goals
or reach my dooms,

No answer knows my mind
Lips less to utter
Eyes looking into ground
mumbling in mirth of dreams,
“Still far from Over”.

मेरा ज़िंदा होना अभी बाकी है

सूर्य के ललाट पे
किस्मतों की फुहार है
सिकन चाँद के माथे पे है
धरती पे तो फिर भी बहार है

गरज के शांत क्यों हो गए बदल तुम
टकराये नहीं तुम आज पिघलते अरमानों से
छोड़ दिया तुमने भी आसमानों को अकेला
डर गए क्या मुश्किलों की चंद मुलाकातों से

मुकर जाने दो हवाओं को
साँसों को कब तक धमकाओगे
सब्र का समुद्र हूँ मैं
ये वैसाख की धुप से कब तक सुखाओगे

कहानी जो लिख रहा हूँ
ख़त्म होना अभी बाकी है
जा बोल दे मद में डूबी दुनिया को
मेरा ज़िंदा होना अभी बाकी है

रास्ते मेरा वजूद

दुनिया के पास मैं
खुद से ही दूर गया
अज्ञात वजूद मेरा
धुंध में उछल गया

याद आयी जड़ें मेरी
जब शहरों में मचल गया
माँ का प्यार, पुकार
सब याद आया
जो रिश्तों की ठंड में भी
मोम से पिघल गया

ज़मीर के किस्से खूब सुने
कुछ फूल बंजारे चुने
बिखर के रह गयी इंसानियत
सिक्को की छनक भी खूब गिने

याद आया गांव
गांव की गलियां
कच्चे आम की खुसबू
चटक सफ़ेद महुए की सराफत
याद आयी बिन बिजली की रातें
सूरज की छाँव के वो सुनहरे दिन


It’s just a cover
Lies the ocean
Ocean of beauty and beast
Hidden within it

Oh c’mon, don’t be a fool
Don’t tell me you already knew this
Oh is it everyone knows then?
Am I the only
Still thinking it as a abstract philosophy

So, I am fool
I won’t say it came as surprise
But what’s the fun in being shrewd
What’s the life of an unbroken heart
Too boring ?

You are all welcome
Come oh you puppets of my life,
Beat my expectations
Beat my beats
Beat my breaths

Oh, I am gonna love this
Too much fun
Damn the reality, emotions, care
I don’t care.